You may think nothing of a box of frozen White Castle sliders or a Taco Bell dinner kit in the grocery aisle—fast-food signature dishes that shoppers can re-create at home. Yet Chick-fil-A's announcement on Monday that it will begin testing meal kits is something different altogether.
7/24/2018by Krista Garcia
Thanks to the proliferation of on-demand services, digital food delivery is easier than ever. Depending on where you live, you might have multiple options for online ordering: Caviar specializes in local restaurants that wouldn’t necessarily deliver otherwise, Grubhub is adding quick-service partners like Subway and White Castle, and McDonald's uses UberEats.
7/17/2018by Krista Garcia
As in many industries, there is a gap between consumer expectations and business execution for restaurants. Operators are often slow to adopt new technologies and those that they've implemented aren't always satisfactory. A February 2018 survey by BRP and Windstream Enterprise found that restaurant operators met consumer expectations on only two factors: mobile payments and free Wi-Fi.
7/12/2018by Krista Garcia
Mobile checkout is shaping up to be a big theme in 2018, but some restaurants are implementing digital kiosks in addition to offering mobile ordering apps. It's just one more option for customers to choose from in an increasingly consumer-focused world.
6/6/2018by Krista Garcia
Fewer people say offerings like online ordering and digital menus influence where they’re going to eat, according to a recent study from consulting firm AlixPartners.
5/30/2018by Jen King
Fast-food delivery was once unthinkable—or at least unpalatable financially, since delivery fees might end up costing more than a value meal. But by the end of 2018 there could be a major uptick in burger-to-door service.
5/1/2018by Krista Garcia
Ordering meals is much more common among younger consumers, a survey finds, but even they don't do it too often.
4/18/2018by Krista Garcia
TV spots and print coupons are commonplace in the restaurant industry, and consumers are accustomed to—and even prefer—those types of promotions.
4/16/2018by Krista Garcia
Bareburger and La Colombe aren’t household names like McDonald’s and Starbucks, but these niche brands are strong social performers, a new study finds.
4/5/2018by Krista Garcia
More consumers are turning to technology to help them figure out where and what to eat.
4/2/2018by Krista Garcia