According to an October 2018 RSR Research study, US retailers aren't exactly sure how they should use the internet of things. When asked about one key issue that is driving interest in IoT projects, no single answer was cited by more than one-quarter of respondents, indicating a lack of consensus.
10/22/2018by Krista Garcia
News this week of Sears filing for bankruptcy protection wasn't exactly a shock to anyone. According to a new Adthena study that looked into how digital commerce competition affected Sears, the retailer fared poorly compared with its counterparts.
10/17/2018by Krista Garcia
A new National Retail Federation study examines what it is calling "value shoppers," the 89% of US consumers who frequent discount retailers. With a figure that high, this behavior transcends gender, region, income and age.
10/12/2018by Krista Garcia
According to a June 2018 JDA Software survey, consumers were receptive to the idea of retail tech. Nearly all (97%) said new technologies either always or sometimes enhanced the customer experience.
10/10/2018by Krista Garcia
From 1-hour delivery to drive-thru grocery pickup to offering myriad payment methods, convenience rules for the modern shopper. But when it comes to actual convenience stores, one of the only things going for them is being in the right place at the right time.
10/9/2018by Krista Garcia
Modern point-of-sale systems do more than function as glorified cash registers. They process customer transactions, but also integrate with inventory, promotions and other aspects of the shopping journey that are increasingly vital to customer experience.
10/3/2018by Krista Garcia
Omnichannel retailing means meeting shoppers' expectations in their channel of choice, digital or physical. That is forcing many retailers to break out of their routines and experiment with new models. And it’s not just brick-and-mortar sellers that are being pressed to change.
10/2/2018by Krista Garcia
Marketing as a practice can span big-picture customer experience efforts, as well as email list minutiae, but certain topics get more thought than others. What is currently top of mind among retail marketing executives? Privacy and security, according to a June 2018 Nanigans survey of US CMOs.
10/1/2018by Krista Garcia
Monday, the proposed $250 billion in tariffs on over 6,000 categories of Chinese goods became reality. China promptly retaliated with a tariff on $60 billion worth of US imports. With the holiday shopping season looming, it's still uncertain how much these tariffs will affect holiday sales, but also consumer perception and marketing campaigns.
9/25/2018by Krista Garcia
What once sounded fantastical—stores where shoppers could walk out with purchases without waiting in line—is becoming a reality for more than a select few.
9/25/2018by Krista Garcia