Smart Speakers & Voice Assistants

Voice commerce might one day change how people shop online. But for now, only a minority of consumers regularly use a voice-activated smart speaker to make purchases.
12/20/2018by Ross Benes
Voice commerce holds promise. But at the moment, more consumers are turning to voice assistants to research products than add them to their cart.
11/12/2018by Krista Garcia
Nearly three in 10 US voice assistant users ask their device to find neighborhood shops, restaurants and businesses, according to a Chatmeter survey.
10/30/2018by Jen King
Consumers are becoming accustomed to using voice commands, but it's still a minority who use them regularly. According to an August 2018 Social Lens survey, 70% of US internet users have ever used a voice command on any device, though that figure drops to one-third for those who use them as part of their daily routine.
10/16/2018by Krista Garcia