Voice commerce might one day change how people shop online. But for now, only a minority of consumers regularly use a voice-activated smart speaker to make purchases.
12/20/2018by Ross Benes
eMarketer's "Do You Have a Second?" is a mini-podcast that offers a quick hit of the latest digital data. Today, we’re talking about podcast advertising effectiveness, Amazon's toy sales, and the top mobile apps of 2018.
12/19/2018by eMarketer Editors
Amazon already has a major stake in India's fast-growing ecommerce market. Here's how we know the country is one of its big targets for 2019.
12/18/2018by Jasmine Enberg
eMarketer's "Do You Have a Second?" is a mini-podcast that offers a quick hit of the latest digital data. Today, we’re talking about cookies—who's baking and who's buying—millennials’ attitudes about kindness (and what that might mean for shopping), and wearable device growth.
12/18/2018by eMarketer Editors
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands such as Warby Parker, Casper and Everlane have shifted how brands interact with their customers. By cutting out the middleman and establishing online relationships with customers directly, guaranteeing swift delivery and painless buying experiences, as well as positioning themselves as a better alternative to the status quo, DTC brands are carving out a new retail experience.
12/18/2018by Andrew Lipsman
China and India lead the world in the number of proximity mobile payment users, and that's primarily due to an explosion of newly minted middle-class consumers eschewing credit cards in favor of easier to use mobile options.
12/17/2018by eMarketer Editors
Mcommerce has grown rapidly, and all signs point to continued strong growth. We forecast that US smartphone retail mcommerce sales will grow nearly 38% in 2019, reaching $205.15 billion. This will account for over three-quarters of US mcommerce sales.
12/14/2018by eMarketer Editors
Efforts to increase supply chain efficiency are nothing new, but as retail ecommerce sales continue to grow, retailers need to be more flexible.
12/14/2018by Krista Garcia
Thanks to optimistic shoppers who are ready to spend, the 2018 holiday shopping season has already been a success for retailers—and, in some cases, even a record-setter. And there's still one more week to go. RetailMeNot shares what to expect during the final holiday push.
12/14/2018by RetailMeNot
Subscription commerce has captured retailers' attention with its built-in customer base and predictable sales patterns. It may seem like there is a box for everything—think special effects makeup or instant ramen—but not all categories have been embraced equally.
12/13/2018by Krista Garcia